Informations for Candidates

Information for Candidates

The initiator of this campaign is the Federation of Catholic Family Associations in Europe (FAFCE). They ensure a political representation of family interests from a Catholic perspective, based on the Roman Catholic Church’s Social and Family teaching as well as the testimony of those living out their faith in Church and society. FAFCE is an umbrella organisation that serves as a European liaison platform for exchange of experiences of pastoral care of the family and family policy issues for its members. The member associations provide important Catholic expertise and contacts at the local level.

In all 28 EU Member States, the family represents the largest group of voters. The family has special needs and expectations on the EU lawmaker.

A sustainable future of the European Union is not possible without the family. Therefore the EU Parliament must take into account family mainstreaming in all its decisions.

To help families identify candidates who wish to commit themselves to family friendly policies, FAFCE and its member associations developed the FAFCE 2014 EU election manifesto. All candidates will receive the manifesto. Each candidate is invited to sign the manifesto, and all signatures will be publicly documented.

If elected, the political work of the Members of the European Parliament for family mainstreaming will be monitored in the light of the commitment expressed in the family mainstreaming manifesto.

The following information about the candidates who signed the manifesto should be submitted with the signed manifesto: name, country, party affiliation.

A record of the signatories will be kept and continuously updated by our coordinator.

The number of signed manifestos and the respective country will be continuously published on this website.

On 15 May, the International Day of the Family, the names of the signatories will be revealed in order to clearly identify the candidates who commit to family mainstreaming of EU policies.